David French C&J covers every kind of decking you might need.
If your garden slopes down away from your house then terraced decking could be for you. Terraced decking is ideal in these cases because it is made up of flat platforms that jut out of the slope creating a level surface enabling you to use the space in a more convenient way for example having a table and chairs.
If you have a plain, flat garden, multi-tier decking is ideal if you are wishing to change the landscape to make your garden more interesting and exciting. You can create different levels with multi-tier decking, to make flat clear areas for example to keep your barbeque on.
Alternatively, decked patio areas can be created. These are standard decking which can be used to break up the landscape of a garden and again, make it more interesting.
Raised decks can also be designed, created and installed by our company. These can be used in your garden for example to replace steps.

Handrail installation is also available if needed