Do you arrange planning permission?
We can arrange planning permission if required.

Do I have to provide structural drawings?
No, we can provide these, however, if you already have drawings we will happily work to them.

Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept cash, cheques and BACS transfers.  Cheques for deposits will have to clear before work commences.

Does someone have to visit the property to get a quote?
Yes, a site visit is required for every job.  Without seeing the property, taking measurements etc, we cannot know exactly is required and, therefore, cannot prepare a price.

How do I arrange an estimate/quote?
Arrangements can be made by telephone or email, details can be found on the contact us page.  Let us know where you are and what your request is and we’ll make an appointment with you to visit your property.

Is a deposit required?
Depending on the scope of a project, a deposit may be required. The deposit will be either 50% or 30%, depending on the specifications of the project.

How soon after the deposit is paid will work begin?
A start date will be arranged with you as soon as the project has been agreed.  The deposit must be paid and the payment cleared before the start date.  If the start date has past before the deposit payment has cleared a new start date will be arranged once the payment has been received.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, we will post or email your quote initially. Once the project has been completed we will email or post a final invoice detailing all works and a final price for your paperwork.